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Legislative Commission on Surrogacy

The Legislative Commission on Surrogacy was established to develop recommendations on public policy and laws regarding surrogacy. To develop the recommendations, the commission shall study surrogacy through public hearings, research, and deliberation.

Topics for study include, but are not limited to:

  1. potential health and psychological effects and benefits on women who serve as surrogates;
  2. potential health and psychological effects and benefits on children born of surrogates;
  3. business practices of the fertility industry, including attorneys, brokers, and clinics;
  4. considerations related to different forms of surrogacy;
  5. considerations related to the potential exploitation of women in surrogacy arrangements;
  6. contract law implications when a surrogacy contract is breached;
  7. potential conflicts with statutes governing private adoption and termination of parental rights;
  8. potential for legal conflicts related to third-party reproduction, including conflicts between or amongst the surrogate mother, the intended parents, the child, insurance companies, and medical professionals;
  9. public policy determinations of other jurisdictions with regard to surrogacy; and
  10. information to be provided to a child born of a surrogate about the child's biological and gestational parents.

Minnesota Session Laws Chp. 189, Art. 13, Sec. 66


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