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Salvage Title Task Force

The Salvage Title Task Force was established in 2021 to evaluate issues related to salvage certificates of title and make any recommendations for legislative changes.

The task force must:

  1. review state law governing motor vehicle titling and issuance of a salvage certificate of title, which must include Minnesota Statutes, sections 168A.151, 325F.6641, and 325F.6642;
  2. evaluate the current salvage designation, including:
    • whether the designation conveys information about the physical, structural, and mechanical condition of the vehicle that is sufficient to enable vehicle owners and prospective purchasers of used vehicles to make informed repair or purchase decisions; and
    • whether the criteria in state statute for "high-value vehicle" and "late-model vehicle" provide meaningful information about the physical, structural, and mechanical condition of the vehicle;
  3. identify any additional or alternative means to provide information about the condition of a vehicle that is subject to an insurer acquiring ownership through payment of damages;
  4. make recommendations for motor vehicle titling changes based on task force findings, including development of any proposed legislation; and
The task force must submit a report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees with jurisdiction over transportation finance and policy by January 31, 2022.

Minnesota Special Session Laws 2021, Chapter 5, Article 2, Section 147


Salvage Title Task Force Report to the Legislature

Combined Meetings

Task Force Meetings

January 26, 2022