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Infrastructure Resilience Advisory Task Force

The Infrastructure Resilience Advisory Task Force is established to evaluate issues related to coordination, sustainability, resiliency, and federal funding on state, local, and private infrastructure in the state.

At a minimum, the task force must:

  1. develop objectives and strategies to: provide for effective and efficient management of state, local, and private infrastructure; enhance sustainability and resiliency of infrastructure throughout the state; respond to and mitigate the effects of adverse weather events across the state, including natural disasters, droughts, and floods; and provide for equitable treatment in areas of persistent poverty and historically disadvantaged communities;
  2. identify approaches to enhance infrastructure coordination across jurisdictions, agencies, state and local government, and public and private sectors, including in planning, design, engineering, construction, maintenance, and operations;
  3. identify methods to maximize federal formula and discretionary funds provided to recipients in the state for infrastructure purposes;
  4. evaluate options for organizational design of state agencies to meet the purposes under clauses (1) to (3), including consideration of: options for establishment of a board, council, office, or other agency; and models in other states; and
  5. develop findings and recommendations related to the duties specified in this subdivision.

Minnesota Laws 2023 Chapter 62, Article 2, Section 121


Infrastructure Resilience Advisory Task Force Report to the Legislature

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